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The Prospect-Woodward Home is a privately owned, nonprofit corporation, served by a 22 member board of directors and approximately 60 incorporators. We are licensed by the State of New Hampshire as a 24-bed supported residential care facility. An executive director oversees daily operations, and we boast a staff of 30. Our financial structure is such that we can offer superb care in an elegant setting at lower than the cost charged by comparable facilities. Prospect Place and The Woodward merged in July of 2016.
Prospect Place was incorporated in 1874 as The Invalids' Home, making us the oldest residential care facility in New Hampshire. At that time, residents were called "inmates" and the administrator was known as the "matron." Our founders were the Ladies of the Sewing Circle of the Unitarian Church. Under the guidance of their pastor's wife, Margaret E. White, their mission was to offer housing, comfort and aid to the lonely and forlorn women of the community. In 1974, at its 100th anniversary, the name was changed to Prospect Hill Home, and the invalids' home image was relegated to history. The name underwent change again in 1993, when it became Prospect Place, a year after opening its doors to men.
Margaret White
The Woodward was first envisioned in the 1920s by Harry Woodward and his sister, Ellen, as a home for the elderly that would bring peace and contentment to its residents. It opened in 1940 at 194 Court Street, and in 1962 the Harry Kingsbury House at 202 Court Street was acquired. A solarium now joins both houses transforming them into the pleasant surroundings now home to The Prospect-Woodward Home, where our residents find warm fellowship and happiness.
Harry Woodward
Prospect-Woodward provides a warm home-like environment where individuals can live
with dignity, continue to enrich their lives, and participate in their community.
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194-202 Court Street • Keene, NH 03431 • 603-352-3235 • info@prospectwoodward.org