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What kind of accommodations do you have?
We offer unfurnished private single rooms and some two-room suites. Availability varies from month to month.

How is Assisted Living paid for?
Residence in most assisted living homes is paid for through private funds. In other words the individual or family is responsible for the monthly rent. Here at The Woodward, most of our residents pay 100% towards the rent. We are, however, very fortunate to have a modest endowment. This endowment allows us to scholarship from time to time, someone who may not otherwise have sufficient funds to live at The Woodward. We encourage you to discuss your financial situation with us to ensure we guide you appropriately to the best possible choice.

What are the rooms and suites like and are they furnished?
Each resident furnishes his or her own room or suite, ensuring each living environment reflects the tastes and personality of the occupant. Each room has a private half bath or full bath. Each room has its own thermostat to allow an individual comfort level. All rooms are large enough to accommodate several pieces of furniture in addition to a bed and bureau.

What are some of the reasons people choose to live at Prospect-Woodward?
Prospect-Woodward is located in an elegant residential neighborhood within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, the library and churches. We are on the City Express Bus Route. Our centralized location is a great convenience to those who choose not to drive. Our home-like environment provides opportunity for conversation and companionship, while maintaining privacy, to those who have grown weary of living alone. A wide variety of well-cooked, carefully presented meals with the focus on good nutrition relieves you from grocery shopping,cooking and cleaning. Our 24-hour staff assures preventative measures are taken to maintain health. Assistance is provided in arranging medical appointments, and supervision of medications is provided when needed. You can feel secure that the person you love is appreciated and attended to at The Prospect-Woodward Home.

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What is Residential Care or Assisted Living?
Assisted living is where people of a similar age live in a home environment and enjoy the benefits of private rooms, a private bath, and three meals a day prepared by professional cooks on site. Assistance with daily tasks, housekeeping and laundry, and social and community events are also provided.
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194-202 Court Street • Keene, NH 03431 • 603-352-3235 • info@prospectwoodward.org