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Assisted Living or Living at Home?
Assisted living is a welcome solution to the dangers and solitude of living alone. Seniors in assisted living can maintain an active lifestyle while their families get peace of mind knowing a caring well-trained staff is looking after their loved one. Living alone is often more expensive than assisted living. Assisted living allows seniors to cut down on the expense and hassle of owning and maintaining a home. The cost of assisted living covers not only what you spend on mortgage or rent payments each month, but also includes what you pay on all basic living expenses. Assisted living offers a wide range of social and recreational activities so that residents can enjoy every day to the fullest. From arts and crafts to cultural activities, assisted living has something for everyone.

Assisted Living or Nursing Home?
Assisted living allows seniors to enjoy an independent lifestyle with assistance to meet their personal needs. The home-like setting is more pleasing than institutionalized nursing homes. Assisted living facilities are about one-third the cost of a typical nursing home.

Why Choose Assisted Living?
Assisted living offers a less expensive alternative to home health care and is a great solution for people who do not require the full services of a nursing home. Seniors can live at ease and enjoy a safe, clean and friendly environment in assisted living.



Choose The Prospect-Woodward Home
The Prospect-Woodward Assisted Living Home has a reputation for excellent care and is devoted to the health, welfare and comfort of its residents. When comparing average monthly living expenses at home with Prospect-Woodward's base price of $3,530 a month, assisted living is a financially responsible option.

Assisted living gives seniors a sense of belonging to a community. Without having to worry about food, medicine regimens and household chores, seniors have time to relax and focus on their own happiness. Entering an assisted living community can feel like a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Living alone leaves seniors at risk for a multitude of safety concerns: falling, not taking medications correctly, poor eating habits and questionable driving ability. Mental and emotional health is also affected by living in solitude. Seniors living alone may stop participating in leisure activities, become forgetful of responsibilities and appointments and become socially isolated.

Nutrition and Exercise
Our dining area helps you stay socialable, and we serve nutritious meals throughout the day. And imagine the convenience of exercise class in your own living room!

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